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Ralph Reed

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Christian Right and Republican Party activist.



  • In 1983, Reed wrote a column for The Red & Black student newspaper attacking the late Mohandas K. Gandhi. Entitled "Gandhi: Ninny of the 20th Century," this column attack the motion picture Gandhi for its favorable treatment of the life of the pacifist leader of the Indian independence movement. A graduate student later complained to the editor of The Red & Black that Reed had plagiarized a Commentary article by film reviewer Richard Grenier. After this happened, Reed was then fired from the paper. (1)
  • However, his final column attacked the graduate student who exposed his plagiarism, saying the exposure was "the most shocking, profane form of personal attack I can imagine." (1)


  • In 1985, Reed was arrested after bursting into the waiting room of the Fleming Center. He signed an agreement promising to stay away from the Center and he was not prosecuted.


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